The Cabin is a short film about a couple who approach a lone cabin in the woodsonly to come across a witch who has her own plans.

Having the desire to create my own projects and drawing inspiration from television and film I asked, “What is the most sick, demented thing a witch could do?” The answer came fast. Then the question became how to take this idea and create an engaging short film script. The resulting script captures your attention right away with mood and setting and keeps that attention through plot and practical effects. Additionally, the story is multi-faceted. On the surface, it is clear and concise but there are many morals to be learned. A favorite lesson is vanity isn’t pretty.

This project is challenging and to succeed, we need your support. Being a horror film, the story is full of practical effects and is ambitious in its implementation. Consequently, about one-third of the budget is for effects. Luckily, we have a great location: a house built from old railroad box car wood. It conveys approachable mystery and is in a wooded area. Additionally, the entire cast/crew is able to stay inside the house saving costs. Furthermore, this project seeks to highlight Houston talent. All attached cast/crew are from Houston and future cast/crew will be pooled locally. We have so much creativity here and showcasing our skills is an intention of this project.

Houston has a very strong horror following. There is an audience keen on watching and supporting local films. Outside of the local market, there are devoted horror fans who look out for new films. We aspire to fulfill the market with high production value, practical effects, excellent plot and the people to go with it!

Support “The Cabin”

The budget for The Cabin is $10,000. We want to pay all cast/crew for their hard work and create a great shooting environment. Your tax deductible contribution, large or small, helps us reach that goal.

As a thank you for backing this project, you will get a thank you credit in the film and a digital download of the completed product.

Please support our project! Most of the contributions to independent film come from individual backers like you. Your donation will help support the filmmakers involved in this project as well as Houston’s independent film community. Thank you.

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Amanda Dianne | Born and raised in Katy, Texas, Amanda was no stranger to performing before her acting career. In high school, she was a member of dance, band, and the color guard teams where she performed shows on the football field, in the gymnasium, and on the stage. While completing her degree in Mathematics at The University of Houston, she started acting and voice lessons.Her acting credits include several short films for local filmmakers. As well as working in commercials and videos for hospitals, doctors’ offices, sports companies, and the military.”I conceived The Cabin as a starting point for content creation. I plan on producing and directing more films in the future as a vehicle for me and Houston talent.”





Joe Grisaffi | Joe Grisaffi is an actor and award-winning director from Houston, Texas. Joe graduated from the University of Houston 1993, majoring in RTV/Communications. After graduation, Joe wrote and directed the award-winning short film Death and a Salesman. Then he produced and directed his first feature film, Laughing Boy, shot on 16mm film. Laughing Boy won several awards and has been seen all over the world through avenues such as Netflix, the Starz network and more. Joe has gone on to direct other very well received feature films: the horror film Dead of Knight, the award-winning horror comedy Conjoined and the highly anticipated teen dramedy Lars the Emo Kid. Lars the Emo Kid is currently being submitted to festivals, but Joe’s other films are available on DVD and streaming platforms. In 2000, Joe founded Southwest Casting, which quickly became one of Houston’s top casting resources boasting over 17,000 members with the Yahoo! Group and Facebook page combined. As an actor, Joe has appeared in over 70 independent film projects made in Houston, including Psychic Experiment, Jacob, Doll Factory, and many others, with lead and co-starring roles in Haunted Trailer, Gem of the Rainforest and Pound of Flesh. Joe also plays real life serial killer Dean Corll in the soon-to-be-released In a Madman’s World. In addition to The Cabin, Joe has many other projects in development including Kids vs. Zombies feature film and the Conjoined Atari game.

[director of photography]

Larry McKee | This Emmy Award winning cinematographer began his visual arts career over thirty years ago as a still photographer, and has evolved into a very effective cinematographer. Through training under the direction of master photographer Dean Collins and five-time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Allen Daviau (ASC), McKee mastered the art of capturing life through still and moving images. During the past two decades, McKee has expanded his area of expertise, using the motion in television, film and video as his creative medium of choice. One of his most invaluable assets during filming is his intense awareness of the power that lie in camera angles and subtle camera movement, and he uses both to create images that dance on the senses and move the emotions of audiences throughout the globe. McKee also understands the tools that technology of today offers to the world of cinematic and visual expression. His ability to combine all of the aspects of this medium sets him apart as an exceptionally effective visual communicator.McKee is no stranger to talent as he has worked with the likes of Willie Nelson, B.B. King, Woody Harrelson, Danny Trejo, Owen Wilson, Antonio Banderas, and many others. McKee’s television credits include productions for PBS, The Discovery Channel, TNN, and The Outlaw Music Channel. He worked as Producer and Director of Photography on the popular FOX 26 series, Bailamos, which consistently received six times as many viewers as other programs in its time slot. McKee has worked on several documentaries, including a piece chronicling the life of serial killer Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr. and another centered around guitar legend Sam “Lightnin” Hopkins. He has served as Director of Photography on a number of motion pictures, including Through the Valley, In the Mirror Dimly, Escape of the Wild Thing and Suicide Notes.