As the longest-running PBS showcase for independent short film, THE TERRITORY is gearing up for another incredible season!

SWAMP is seeking submissions for the 37th season of The TERRITORY

Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) is seeking short films for the 37th season of The TERRITORY, the longest-running showcase of independent film on PBS in the country.

REQUIREMENTS: We accept documentary, narrative, animation and experimental films under 26-minutes. Foreign and domestic films welcome.

DEADLINE: September 30, 2018

All submissions must be emailed to: 


This season offered THE RUSTED, a dark psychological thriller and the latest from Kat Candler featuring Jenna Malone and Josh Hutchinson, in addition to animated festival favorite BEAR STORY, a Chilean piece from director Gabriel Osorio. The season also included a retrospective episode featuring shorts like FAIR SISTERS, Louis Black, Missy Boswekll and Ed Lowry’s 1980 take on a high stakes poker game and BEDHEAD, Robert Rodriguez’s 1991 debut short about two opposing siblings whose problems are amplified with the discovery of their supernatural powers.

BEAR STORY by Gabriel Osorio, THE FANTASTIC LOVE OF BEEBOY & FLOWERGIRL by Clemens Roth, DEEP DANCE by Marco Erbrich, SHOCK by Jamie Donoughue, BLACK TAPE by Michelle and Uri Kranot, FLUSSIGES PAPIER by Michael Klofkora, THE RUSTED by Cat Candler, THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE by Mark Kunerth, CORO DOS AMANTES// CHORUS by Tiago Guedes, PATCH by Gerd Gockell, HUT HUT by Courtney Sandifer, MARINA’S OCEAN by Cassio Pereira dos Santos, MAKE IT RAIN by Chris Spisak, ITALY TEXAS: WILD SOULS IN THE HOT BLIND EARTH by Aoife McArdle, LA ROUTINE DE BLEU by Irene Reece, RED PEARL by Wayne Slaten, HIGHER GROUND by Hillderbrand Magsamen, VINCENT VALDEZ: EXCERPTS FOR JOHN by Angela and Mark Walley, WOMEN’S LETTERS (LETTRES DE FEMMES) by Augusto Zanovello, YURI’S OMEN by Jordi Montornes, MENTRIOSO/ LIAR by Will Shipley, BOY-RAZOR by Peter Pontikis, LOTUS ANIMATION by Sharad Kant Patel, NOT LOST! LINOCUT PRINTING WITH ARTEMIO RODRIGUEZ by Tish Stringer, FRAGMENTS by Hugo Bravo, FIRST FALL, MR. HUBLOT by Laurent Witz, MUKO by Bruno Bozzetto, LEONARDO JR., FAIR SISTERS by Louis Black, Missy Boswekll, and Ed Lowry, and BEDHEAD by Robert Rodriguez, THE MINER, Toddy Burton.